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25-Jul-2017 02:49

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If he asks you to change who YOU are then its not wor…Lots of boys (and men) like to wear items of girls clothes.

Although some boys would make fun of you if they knew (some narrow minded and stupid boys will always pick on anyone different from themselves).

But their marriage soon crumbled and Tracey filed for divorce in 2005.

Now, 23 years after their fateful meeting, Babyface, 54, admits he was never really in love with Tracey, 46.

If you are a Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds fan, you may recall the gossip and innuendoes swirling around the unlikely marriage between the singer/songwriter and Tracey Edmonds, a video model who set Babyface’s loins aflame when they met on the set of his music video .

Industry insiders whispered that Tracey was nothing but a gold digger who was only out for Babyface’s money.

L’aire d’appellation s’étend sur 2400 hectares classés sur 13 communes de l’Indre et 1 commune du Loir-et-Cher.

I’m okay with it because I think she’s okay.” Watch the interview below.

“The reality is that there was a connection that wasn’t really there,” Babyface said during a sit-down interview with Oprah.